In the New Testament there are some Greek words

that are translated to the English as “foolishness” –

This passage offers a couple of comparisons.

One is about people running around on their own wisdom,

not really getting far no matter how hard they’ve tried to

organize, get along, control, make real peace…

Trying to do things on our own is true foolishness.


The other kind is what LOOKS like foolishness

to those who don’t know Christ.


It LOOKS foolish because

the passage says the people God calls are


– that means dishonorable or even vile –

If we know deep inside how despicable we really are,

…that’s when God calls us?

Yup! It’s when we realize how weak and imperfect we are

that we can hear God’s call – and give the control stick

over to Him.

That’s when we LOOK RIDICULOUS but that’s when God’s power

has enough room to take over.


It’s God’s power that brings true wisdom into this world.

That power comes through not our science, not our academic development, not our reasoning; but through the most important moment in all history

~ when Jesus, God in the flesh, gave life into this world

on the cross.


This week I ran into the writing of one one James Hastings, a Scotsman, an awarded biblical researcher and commentator…(1852-1922) from over a century ago…

His writing was incredibly insightful and prophetic.

Back over a century ago he wrote

how nations are coming closer together (Don’t we hear about the shrinking of the globe all the time these days!)

and he predicted that without the Gospel,

without the wisdom of the cross of Christ,

Jesus GIVING his life into this world,

 all the good science and good sense in the world can bring only disaster.  Hastings said that in

trade, in commercialism, and in militarism, without the Gospel of Christ, only contagion and infection can result!

WOW, what is God trying to tell us during this season?

Hastings said that only plague, both physical and moral, can come

from a world trying to live without its very Creator,

no matter how many ways people try to connect and work together,

or make peace…

sooner or later results in disaster if people don’t have

CHRIST ruling their lives!! The truth he’s giving US is that

if Jesus Christ isn’t the wisdom and power

in this life, and I quote:

 “then contagion and infection are sure to pass from the world to us ... If we will not share…the life of Christ, then what will be shared with us will be plagues of soul and body…”

(End quote.)

We either give

THE GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ,

or Bad News of the world is can affect us.

Investigating the various references to “foolishness,” I found

something remarkable in verse 20:

  “Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?”

My jaw dropped when I found the Greek

definition of “foolish” in this specific verse has to do with

salt having lost its flavor!

It says,

Has god not made foolish the wisdom of this world?

In and thorough all this:

look what he planned to do, and what he did,

on the cross!

By putting on, by wearing,

 this whole earthly life on his person –

(Remember, he is the Son of God and also the Son of man—)

He completed the work of connecting us, heart to heart,

With God our creator by actually being God come to earth!

He completed that work but

He didn’t do it by bypassing sin and sickness for us;

He actually wore all the woes and curses of this world.

Jesus put on, Jesus suffered,

this whole season of pandemic for us!

Why do we still suffer?

It’s because all things haven’t come to full fruition yet.

God has chosen to offer us His power in our

faith and our message ~

We’re important enough to God to

join Him inn the victory over everything

that’s trying to bring us down right now..

As we go through these times when the world is waiting and wondering,

we’re not “on hold!”

We walk through this by faith, not by sight.

 Moment to moment, we have the choice to

 give Jesus authority

over everything, every emotion, every assault

because we “fools for Christ” know

HE is the One in whom, by whom, and for whom

all things were made.

For whom we were made!

And He has given Himself to us.

The world may call me a fool but that’s okay because

I know Jesus is in this with us every moment! AMEN…



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