Our Prayer

These prayers have been brought forth during our Sunday morning conference call worship service:

For Elaine's sprained wrist to heal quickly; she needs her right hand!

Kelly -- for anxiety to subside, for others who suffer from anxiety or depression.

Janet -- for travel safety for Esther and Ray, vacationing in Maine

Stephanie -- Thanks for blessings -- for a co-worker who has now received Jesus Christ and for the visible changes in him!

Lori and Bella -- Traveling mercies for Cynthia, Christ, T.J. -- coming up from FL for WEDDING!!

Thanks for Jan's reading of the devotional from one of the Chronicles

Ed -- ongoing prayers for the salvation in every way for nephews Jesse and Kyle

Joel -- Thanksgiving!

For our nation, for all who are so angry (or whatever motivates the rioting and looting) -- grab hold of each one, Holy Spirit, and ask, "What do You want Me to do for you?" -- cause each one to face self, needs, fears, pain...bring Your creation around to Your will, gracious God, on earth as it is in heaven.