Our Prayer

These prayers have been brought forth during our Sunday morning conference call worship service:

We offer You thanks, Holy God, for Your presence with us through Your Holy Spirit, who is active in our lives. Thank You for the warm weather that brings us a sense of hope and joy! Thank You for the inspiration of Psalm 31. Thank You for Your loving care for us, alwyas.

Please bless Grandpa Carroll who hurt his knee -- he needs Your healing (and thank You for his faithful granddaughter Bella who prays for him!)

Resolve things for Jesse and Kyle, young men who are homeless and need security physically as well as spiritually, by Your direction, by Your provision, by Your guidance in their young lives. Save them, Jesus!

We miss one another, God, and pray that our return to worship in the same sanctuary will come about quickly and safely.

For Bob (with the virus) and all others who are suffering from that even now, we ask Your healing hand to strengthen them. For all the folks in nursing homes and in assisted living, we ask Your powerful hand of protection and healing. Let this virus spread no further!

Thank You for the opportunity to share food contributions with those in our community who are in need. Thank You for Your very present Holy Spirit!

For Elsie -- still having health issues with the debilitating depression -- work a miracle of hope in her, please, gracious God!

For JUSTICE to prevail in our country, for no more brutal killings by our law enforcement (or anyone else). For people's anger to be placed into productive ways toward resolution.

God be praised for providing this amazing congregation with a common church. God be praised for every good and perfect gift, the greatest of which is the Lord Jesus Christ, in whose holy name we pray.  Let all the people say, "Amen."