Missions projects

A new project we're working on beginning is called "DAYS FOR GIRLS," which will provide home-made feminine protection for girls in countries that have no way to dispose of related paper products. Their young women miss much education during the days of their menstrual periods, enough so that at times they are unable to complete their schooling. These "DAYS FOR GIRLS" kits, cut and stitched according to strict (to pass customs) standards, are this year's endeavor of the Connecticut District of the New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church; and it is our desire to get this project underway as soon as we have the sewing machines, materials, and volunteers lined up! We'd love to have you on board for this very important gift to the world through the better education of its young women! Please leave a message with us on the email portion of our main page, or phone the church at 203-463-8953 to see where your valuable talent or gift might fit in. Thank you!

Pastor Lisa